Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Happened To the Month?

We're 3/4 of the way through the month and I have no finishes to post. What is wrong with me? I've got the Aurifil block to do, the wool applique....clearly, Project Indigo and the pineapple aren't going to be anywhere near finished, nor is the mystery quilt top that just needs to be sandwiched and quilted. I am slipping! Me, the woman who can do it all, has done nothing. The horror!


I'm a solid third of the way through Project Indigo:

I got a bug up my butt on Friday and made a stop at the grocery store for caramels and pretzels and marshmallow fluff. The intent was to make caramel dipped (and rolled in jimmies/sprinkles) pretzel sticks, and 'no fail' fudge, and even the Linzer cookies filled with Nutella that I never got around to making this past Christmas. Hey, it was going to be rainy and cool, and just the perfect time to play in the kitchen.

I started out great guns Friday evening...I made little appetizers which were thin sliced French bread, brushed with oil and a Tuscan seasoning, toasted, then topped with lightly grilled mushroom slices, and finally thrown into the oven with Fontinella cheese slices on the top that needed to melt. Yum! And I served it for dinner with shrimp bisque. (I was too lazy to make the salad, and the hubs didn't care either way if he had one.)

After dinner, life got in the way, via my neighbor calling earlier to say she had sent her hubs out for wine, and why don't I come down for a drink. Oh sure, I'll run down for a a glass of wine. I got home at 12:30 and fell asleep on the couch.

So, the big plan was to play dessert chef today....nope. Instead, I spent the afternoon in the studio playing on the computer and watching sappy romance movies on the On Demand. It was 4:30 when I finally hopped into the shower.

After dinner, I was obligated to work on Project Indigo. Dear daughter phoned and invited me to brunch tomorrow, with a stop at Chartreuse (the shabby chic, once a month, designer's co-op staged in a big old barn in Buckeystown). And I've got a Groupon for the two of us to paint some pottery, so we may wind up doing that afterwards. Doesn't look like there'll be much going on in the way of stitching tomorrow.

I need some serious motivation if I'm to get anything done between now and Thursday--which is the day we head up to Hershey, PA for the quilt show. Woo hoo!

Until then, I hope you are all making progress on your projects, and if not, that you've got some damn good excuses and are enjoying whatever it is that you are doing.

Paco looks like he needs me to vacate the studio and head for my bed....much more comfortable than his (note the little tongue hanging out).


  1. Sending over some serious motivation!!!!

  2. All the projects will eventually come together beautifully. They always do!


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