Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little of This (Organizing), A Little of That (Puppy Tales)

Haven't done any real sewing since the weekend. Needed to be sure I was all prepped and packed for the Mid Appalachian Quilters seminars this weekend. But I was feeling a bit organizational, so I needed a Dollar Tree/Big Lots fix to quell that restless urge to rearrange things.

First in the cart were these zip pencil bags from the school supplies aisle.The minute I saw them I knew they'd create a perfect little organizer for trims, or threads, or applique pieces, or small projects.

 A few binder rings....

And all that's left to do is find something to put in them.


I liked using 3 rings better than one because the packet could stand up on the desk.

One can never have enough of these little $1 plastic baskets. I pick them up every time I'm in the dollar store.  I use them to sort out projects I'm waiting to do, both in the studio and the workshop. Keeps all my parts and instructions together, and I can see at a glance what I've got staged and ready to work on and make my choice..

Overflow from the shelves are lined up on the floor of the studio closet (the door to which is normally shut tight (I'm almost embarassed to show you the mess inside)'ll see why in a bit). When the doors are open, Tucker's always checking to see if there's anything for him in them.

His new favorite is the one with all the wool felt I just purchased for the Hannah and Harrigton BOM from Raspberry Rabbit. Maybe he's looking for the bunny  that torments him in our backyard.

How could I not buy this little caddy for a buck? It's the perfect size to use on my sewing table in a class, and it'll hold everything I need, right at hand---my rotary cutters, scissors, threads.....

Speaking of a buck....anyone in the market for a demonic little dog?

Tucker is in training for the 'Most Misbehaved Dog Ever' pageant. He runs off frequently now (into the street, and he does not stop to look both ways before crossing--fortunately we live on a cul de sac). The other day one of our neighbors was standing with her door open accepting a delivery from UPS. This little devil ran across the street and right past her (she never saw him) and up her stairs, the hubs in hot pursuit. I'm sure her cat wasn't amused, but her 4 year old daughter was tickled pink that Tucker had come to play in her room.

When he's not busy proving to all that he's a flight risk, he's climbing up, and into, and out of  the bath tub to the vanity, where he helps himself to my various moisturizers, Latisse, make up brushes and anything that will fit in his mouth for the arduous trek back through the tub (yesterday he snagged my last pair of good tweezers (my first pair being dropped into the bathroom drain by the hubs attempting to remove a tick (I know) from one of the dogs.)

The other day I realized that he's figured out how to get up on my desk (we're finding pens and PostIts and other office-y things in his dog bed. Is nothing sacred??!!

When not taking things that don't belong to him, tearing up cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls (did I mention he's part gerbil?), or pooping in the dining room, he's honing his ultimate cage fighting skills on poor Paco. Okay, Paco is a bit larger than he is, and Paco does weigh double what Tuck weighs (which last time we checked was just about 5 lbs), but there's times when Paco just wants to be left alone and not body slammed through the sliding glass door in the rush to get outside (and chase rabbits, squirrels, deer, the neighborhood fox, or small children.) Seriously, Tuck, can you cut Seizure Dog some slack once in a while?!

He's the 4-year old, hyperactive son I never had. (Thank God for that!)

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  1. I am pleased to know Tucker is training for the Most Misbehaved DOG Ever. If he was in the all pet category he would not stand a chance against Ms Cha Cha Cat, who can open any cabinet,, leap to the top of the refrigerator and has a passion for cotton balls. For a creature who sleeps 18-20 hours a day she can get quite a bit of "decorating" done.


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