Friday, July 20, 2012

Moving Right Along (At a Snail's Pace)

So, I slept on it, and I decided that since I was being all scrappy with the indigo, I'd just add another blue and white background print to the mix. Now, that went all fine and dandy until halfway through cutting the block components it dawns on me that I don't have enough of this fabric (I have 2 yards) to cover all of the remaining blocks. Not to panic, I had one more 2 yard cut of blue on white print, so I tossed that one in as well.

Here's how it's going to look. I only made a couple with the third print because I wanted to be sure it was going to play nice with everyone. It's a little jump off the page at you right now, but in the end, I hope to integrate it into the top without having it draw all the attention. (Wish me luck!)

A little closeup of all three background prints.

So,  last night I decided to finish cutting so I could chain piece as much as I could. Some of those stacks are a bit higher than average, so I don't really want to leave them unattended for very long.

 And because I'm borderline OCD, I had to buy a box to store them in until I'm ready to sew them.

Once I finish piecing this, it'll be off to a longarm for quilting. Too big for me, and the indigo is too special to not send it out. Recommendations appreciated.

And once that happens,  I've got to go back and remember how to continue on the Pineapple scrap quilt, which was the class I took at the Mid Appalachian Quilters Seminar last Friday. Nine blocks down...not sure how many to go.

And now, I'm going to have to agree with's a good time for bed. Goodnight!

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  1. Your indigo quilt is going to look great. I would suggest you look at Mary from Quilt Hollow for quilting. I've never seen her work in real life, but on her blog it looks wonderful, and people who have had things quilted by her always seem to be delighted. Her blog is www dot quilthollow dot com.


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