Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome To My Nightmare

 I'm sure you've experienced that sinking feeling when you're halfway through a project and it suddenly dawns on you "Houston, We Have A Problem".

I've decided to do a mass cut for the missing pieces needed for this 1,265 piece quilt. I'm happily cutting my way through the loose 9-patch blocks and it dawns on me that I most likely will not have enough fabric left over to add the two borders.

Now I've weighed my options, and I can either pull another fabric that coordinates and intermix it (this will involve taking 3 connector (the block on the left in the photo below) blocks apart and resewing), or I can find the fabric, which has probably been out for 5 years. After a while, I did seem to find it (waiting for seller to confirm) on eBay, so now I'm at a standstill to figure out which option I'm going for.

I'm going for perfection on this one. If only because I've cut into the South African Indigo I've been hoarding since I started quilting.

I think the best thing I can do is go sleep on it. This decision-making is exhausting.

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  1. What lovely indigoes! I understand your pain. I hate to get deep into a project and realize I've made an error. Good luck finding it and let us know. Lane


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