Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alterations to the Wallhanging Are Coming Along

(Giving you another chance in the fat quarter drawing tomorrow :) )

It's hot, I'm crabby, and the hubs is a dead man. Just popping in to show you a bit of progress on the wall hanging, then I've got to get ready to head out to a family birthday party...hubs-less.

You might not have known that I married to a man with no family values, who thinks that playing softball for 9 hours in 106 degrees is far more important than attending a milestone birthday celebration for a close family member.

Now, he could have done what just about every other guy on his team has done at one time or another...not played two games and come home in time to go to the party, missing 2 games (hardly life altering, as they're also playing tomorrow), but no it's far more important to not let down a softball team that was thrown together at the last minute to play in this tournament than it is to fulfill a family obligation and not piss off your wife.  Oh well, his life will be miserable for the rest of the least.

Fortunately, my daughter has not inherited his skewed sense of values and she and her husband will be picking me up and accompanying me to the event.

Moving on.

I started out cutting and folding a paiece of fabric to fit over the piece I needed to alter. Then I aligned the fold with the stitching line on the original piece, pinned it, and stitched along the original stitching line.

Then I pullled it up and pinned it down, temporarily.

I used invisible thread in the bobbin so you wouldn't notice the seam line, and apparently, this is what I used when I made the piece to begin with. (pretty brave for a newbie quilter at that time)

Next I traced my letters upside down on some fusible web, fused them to the new fabric and cut them out.

And I fused them to the new fabric panel.

Now this is why I've only pinned the new panel down....I'm going to applique the letters down, and I don't want the stitching to go through the layers of the wallhanging. Once I applique them, I'll stitch that panel down and quilt on top of it. In the end, it should look like I never made any changes. Check back tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening, and don't cry for the hubs....he knows there is now wrath like that of a woman scorned. Been there, done that, plenty of times. He never learns.



  1. You will have a much better time with daughter. who wants to go, than with hubs. Go enjoy.

  2. Men...sometimes they are so stubborn! I hope he survives - I think!

  3. Banner is looking good. Enjoy your evening.

  4. Omg..i've just spent a half hour trying to find your post with this banner before you began altering it. I thought i had starred it but no....i want to make one of these for my teacher daughter. Than i log in and here you are with the alterations!..would you post a pic of the whole banner when you finish it? It's so cute and my daughter would love it. Thanks!

  5. I agree with Donna~ let him roast and have a good time with your DD. You are so brave re-doing the banner! Way to sew!

  6. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Come to that, I hope he did too, cos he's going to need some happy memories to get him through the next week or so.

  7. Have a great time at the party! I'm sure you won't let his absence stand in your way.

    Thanks for the hint about the applique order for your wall hanging.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  8. Your husband should gEt what he deseRves. I am thrilled my hubs has no hobbies, but he does work all the time. But I get to stay home and raise our 3 little girls so it's a fair trade. Your cover up looks great so far!


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