Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Winding Ways is Now a Quilt Top

(Note: If you click on the photos, you can see the color better. The Winding Ways colors were hard to photograph. I think I'm going to wish for a new camera for my birthday...someone tell the hubs :) )

This is one of the Jinny Beyer fabrics I bought that I didn't show you.

Last night I decided I needed to take down the design wall, it's starting to look like 'clutter', so I set to finishing the Winding Ways table quilt.

If you remember, this was definitely not my best use of the fabric patterns and colors...any other pattern would have worked, but I was anxious to use the GO!.  Live and learn and most importantly--add some solids to the stash. (Counting the days to G Street Fabric's Memorial Day Sale....I've got a voucher to use)

I arranged the blocks on the wall in a few patterns. This was the first try and the one I was going with last night

Sort of a checkerboard,  there are four different block patterns from 4 fabrics. I thought about sashing, but I really just want to get this little quilt over with, though, in hindsight, sashing might have been a way to add some definition and break up the monotony...too late now.

Before I would commit to stitching, I thought I should try a couple other this center/corners layout


Hmmm...I'm kind of liking this...what if we pair up those outside middle blocks to be the same blocks side by side. Yeah, that's the ticket! This, my friends, is why we need design walls. It's always good to be able to easily shuffle blocks around and view the results from a distance. It's also a good idea to take photos and view them. For some reason, they add another perspective..

It almost looks as if it we knew what we were doing with that fabric choice...(hush! I said 'almost'). Let's get a little border action going....

Maybe one more.  But it can't be too wide because we don't want to run out of backing material and have to piece something to fit. I think we can swing a 2-1/2 inch border all around.



And I used this as an opportunity to practice mitering my corners. (Someone really needs to invent a painless way to do this as mindlessly as possible.,,,, I know, I know, do it enough times and it will become mindless...I hear ya)

Let's slide the design wall and get into the closet and see if we have any packaged binding that will work. (I tell ya, I want this puppy done and out of here.)

Tomorrow night I've got to drive up to Frederick for a 3-hour lecture/demonstration on making one of the Smith Street Designs machine embroidered quilts (I've got the pattern for 'Parlor Charm'). I am going to force myself to learn to use all the embroidery stuff I got with my Bernina. The hubs refers to this quilt as 'his quilt'. He picked the fabric and he's patiently waiting for me to make it. Actually, he's waiting (not so patiently)  for me to learn how to use EQ7 so I can scan his fabrics in and he can decide how he wants to use them. Honestly? I think he's got a better chance of winning the lottery this year than seeing this quilt done.

So many projects, so little time....


  1. I am liking your hubs fabric/color choices. Give it a go and make his quilt. Happy quilting.

  2. You exhaust me!! Jeez woman!! Do you sleep? lol!!

    Okay, not sure about the bluish/brown one...probably a good one to practice anything on. lol..nothing like being brutial. But you do so many great things, I have very high expectations for you...okay, okay, moving on.

    LOL!!!! on the hubs quilt! Love the design, I've got EQ7 and haven't opened the box, so you are not alone my dear!!

    have a very productive day!!


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