Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thread Storage Obsession - Mission Complete

There's no rest for the compulsive (or obsessive, or wicked....I've got it all covered).

The other day while I was in Michaels buying more lovely storage cubes (two 4-drawer units this time), I came across drawer dividers in the clearance aisle. They're made out of the same wood material the storage cubes are and they were marked down to $2.99. I came home with two.

My daughter stopped by on her way to drop off Ricky and picked up 4 more for me. By Friday night I had all my cotton threads compartmentalized.

And on my way home yesterday, I stopped in and picked up the last 3 in the store and now all my polyester sewing thread no longer has to feel jealous of the quilting threads.

OCD anyone?

Since the hubs hasn't been very proactive in picking flannel for his rag quilt, I've decided to pick up half yard cuts of what I think he might like to use when I run across flannel in the quilt shops. What he doesn't use can be used to back 2 preemie quilts for our guild charity, and what he does like I can pick up another yard of when I'm back at that shop.  Moda has some fabulous flannel releasing at the end of the summer, and I've dragged him on the online slide show, but he's not going there and wants to use more bright, non-coordinated stripes/plaids/dots. Whatever. It's his quilt.

This is the quilt. It looks like a lot of fun. It's two sided and it's constructed and quilted block by block. One side is the pattern, the other a solid square. If you're interested the pattern is Crazy Rag Time by Sandy Brawner and you can probably get it at

And this is what the hubs has started his collection of 8 prints needed with.

Today's plan is to sandwich and quilt DD's table quilt, and I need a dessert for Happy Hour with the ladies tonight (I know, it's Sunday, so we're calling it Happy 'Hour' tonight).

I'll be back tomorrow with the finished table quilt photos (fingers crossed), and pics of yesterday's exercise in stash building.

I hope you get a chance to visit some more of the Bloggers Quilt Festival posts throughout Blogland. I'm enjoying my tour. I've got Amy's site bookmarked and I'm working my way through the posts from the beginning as I have some time. Just be sure you write down the number of the next stop before you walk away from the computer.



  1. Won't you come and organize my threads?

  2. Hmmm. . . I think those storage cubes would be a nice addition in my sewing studio too. Guess a trip to Michael's might be in order.

  3. Your storage cubes look just like something I need in my life. Too bad we don't have Michael's in the UK.

  4. LOVE them!! checked out two different stores in Indy while there, and neither of the stores carried these storage units! Drat!! My Hubs thought I was crazy, but he went along with it. lol!!

    LOVE the flannels that your starting with..will be a cool/warm quilt.

  5. This is such a great idea! Wish we had storage cubes with drawers. Alas, no floor space.

  6. Wow. Your thread really looks awesome. Nice work. I could certainly put some effort into tool organization.

  7. I got so frustrated with storing LOTS and LOTS of sewing thread, so I used gallon zip lock bags (you can see through them), and separated the thread into colors. Then I put the bags in a 14"x14"x14" cube I got at Target. I would love to have them out or in a drawer, but space is a problem.


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