Monday, May 16, 2011

This Weekend's Shopping...A Giveaway for May

The fabric above is the reason I went back to the shop on Saturday. I saw it while I was in my one on one Smith Street Designs lecture  and I didn't buy it. It was not a case of out of sight, out of mind, and I decided that since I was out that way on Saturday for the wedding 'tasting' that I'd swing by and satisfy my craving. I tried to find some other fabrics to go with it and in the end just decided that it was time to up my stash building from half yards to full yards (I know, I know, I fully expect to one day be buying 3-4 yards, baby steps...) and purchased this with no specific project in mind. (Oh the horror!).

So the very helpful cutting lady gives me a sly glance and says..."did you happen to notice that we have those prints in blue as well"?

Put me down for 2 more yards.

And I had picked the print on the bottom to go with the red/butter prints above, but then I saw the maroon/gold and decided that this also had to join us (but only half yards of these...they'll more than likely be something other than a quilt.

My daughter mentioned liking paisley, so when I saw a few that went together well, the quest was on to find every paisley in the shop that might work together (fortunately, this is a rather small shop). A couple of them were half price, so I got full yards. I've now got 4 yards of paisley, so I think I can put it together somehow to make a suitable TV quilt.

I'm going to try to stay away from the fabric shops until G Street's Memorial Day sale.

When I stopped in Michaels to pick up the last of the drawer dividers, I found  a bunch of these cute, bright fabric flowers in little pots on display inside the front door. Just the happy type of display to catch your eye.

Being the quiltaholic that I am, I skipped right over most of them and my eyes locked on one that was was a stuffed flower. Light bulb moment.... PINCUSHIONS!

Don't you just love them? I do, and for that very reason, this is what is going to be May's Follower Appreciation Giveaway prize.  As always,  as long as you're a follower of this blog (and you are listed in the sidebar as one), you'll get one entry into the drawing for each comment you post during the month of May.  Good idea? Does anyone out there collect pincushions? What's your favorite?


  1. I'm trying to collect pin cushions. So far I only have half a dozen. I'd love to win this flower.

  2. You're right, they make fabulous pincushions. I haven't collected them before, but I'd be happy to start!

  3. that is a really cool pincushion.... would love to have it... and I absolutely love those paisleys... they are gorgeous

  4. Beautiful paisley fabrics. What fun those flowers are for pincushions.

  5. Beautiful fabrics, you lucky girl! What a great reason to buy fabric. I love those flower pots. They would make my cubicle look so happy! I'm going to check my Michaels to see if they have any.

  6. I really love that pincushion!!! If I had the space I think I would really collect them! Great fabric finds!

  7. Very nice pin cushion. It's so cute.

  8. hahaha!! LOVE your stash building buys! All of them! I think I might have the smaller print blue in my stash, don't you just love the way it feels? Mine is a really soft one. The softness will suck me in right away, if I'm on the fence about a fabric and it's soft, forget it, I own it.
    Cute, cute, cute pin cushions!! Love them both!


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