Sunday, August 1, 2010

Goodbye July....Hello August!

O-M-G! Paco is just so happy that Buster was picked up this afternoon. Now, granted, Ricky (the Grandpup) also arrived yesterday  for a weekend stay, but Paco can deal with that. Now that strange-puppy-cousin-who-is-always-being-yelled-at has left the building, Paco can relax.

If you remember, I mentioned that the hubs was into living on the edge and invited the Grandpup over last night to bring our canine total to 4. After a little grumbling/growling/needed to be separated before blood spurted, they seemed to be tolerating each other. I headed up the street for 'happy night'. Shortly after leaving, I needed to return home for the fixings to make a proper 'Cosmo'. I called the hubs and he set it all out and was coaching me on the mixology, having left the stir fry dinner he made himself in the middle of the coffee table, in front of the tv.

Would it surprise you know that Buster took the opportunity of his absence from the family room to jump up on the coffee table and eat HALF of the hubs'dinner, which included ALL of the chicken. None of the other 3 dogs would have even considered the opportunity. :) I just filled my tote bag full of liquor bottles and juice and headed out the door. Not my problem (big grin).

Today was filled with visits to fabric shops in Frederick. Needed a few fabrics to supplement the stash for one of the classes this week. Had to pick up a pattern ($16!!!) for another, and since I just got into a waitlisted class, I needed to modify the fabric requirements to accommodate a bunch of FQs I've had for over a year, and buy some yardage to set them into. Speaking of accommodating, the hubs was very.

Not sure how this is going to work out...

But I needed something to be a major part of all those blues. It's a dusty, washed out kind of magenta, and a darker version. We shall see. It will either suck, or it will be really stunning. We'll find out on Friday. Looking at the picture, it looks like we're heading to Suck Town, but looking at the fabrics in person tells a different story.

Then I spent the rest of the night honing my OCD skills

These are all the fabrics for each class, ironed, Mary Ellen'd, and hung on skirt hangers with their class lists with the additional supplies needed highlighted. Yes, they're arranged by class day, as they hang in the studio closet. When you consider that I work 2 jobs and have classes scheduled for Monday/Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat, I need to be uberorganized if I'm going to enjoy the classes I'm in. Fortunately, my part time merchandising next week is on the light side.

While I was in one fabric store this afternoon, looking for some coordinating fabric for one of the classes, I could hear the shopkeep talking to a customer. It sounded like they were talking about the children's book The Pink Motel. Now, that was one of my favorites, and if you check back a few months of posts, you'd know that I came across this postcard of the hubs'grandfather posing in front of a Florida pink motel that he owned in the 1940s, and I not only got the postcard but also acquired the book and shadow-boxed them.

I any rate, while I wanted to chime in 'hey, that was my favorite book when I was little', for some reason, today I decided to m.m.o.b. (mind my own business). A couple minutes later the shopkeep saw me and said 'did you see your sister....she just left the shop'. I must have looked a little confused because she then went on to detail their discussion....The Pink Motel, my blog, how I'm obsessed with quilting (the shopkeep interjected...'like that's a bad thing') and it dawns on me that I was overhearing her conversation with my sister and was oblivious that there was any connection. My sister is in the same quilt shop as me, at the exact same time, and neither of us knew it, or ran into each other....two ships passing in the night. Strange.  I haven't phoned her yet to tell her (she'll read this and find out :) ).

Well, it's already Sunday, and it's already August. The hubs is out playing poker, I'm tired of ironing fabric, so I think I'm going to take advantage of an empty bed and sprawl out. Plenty of time to do some sewing tomorrow.

Goodnight all!


  1. Good grief, if you work at 2 jobs, How on earth do you find time to achieve so much on the quilting side?

    Great story about your sister too and how wonderful that you share a hobby like that.

  2. Now that's funny! See what you get for minding your own business? lol


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