Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

Tomorrow morning I'll be winging my way to Vegas for 7 days/6 nights. Gonna swap the sewing for a little gambling (okay, a lot of gambling).....and free drinks...Cirque, killer food, Pawn Stars......Whoa! Rewind! Did she say 'Pawn Stars'?? Yes, planning a little excursion to the shop, hope Chumlee is working that day. Seriously, we can't spend all our time in the casinos.

Checked the temps today...looks like it's 105-106 during the day, but there's a cold front coming in for the weekend where it's only going to be 100-101. Gotta love that. (Did I pack a sweater?)

I'll likely do a shop hop of the Vegas quilt shops Thursday while the hubs hits the links. I'd also like to pop downtown and visit my favorite Christmas designers of all time, Ralph Jones Display. Not that I'm buying anything Christmas these days, but it's always fun to see what's going to be all the rage this season, though it might be a little early for that. I'll have to call.

Thursday night it's Happy Hour at Blue Martini and dinner at Texas de Brazil. Yum-o!

I even managed some 'me time' today....hair done (it's fabulous....bouncy, sleek, straight),  a lovely pedicure to rock my Fit Flops....I am ready to roll.

Oh, and what's the coolest thing about the trip?  I get to freeze time (being that when it's 5:30 here, it's only 2:30 there....so our 5 hour flight really only takes 2 hours. Cool, eh? Of course, this means that for the first couple days I'm rolling out of bed, wide awake and ready to rumble at 5 a.m. -- and yes, I've been known to sit at a slot machine with a cup of coffee until 7, which I figure in Vegas is an acceptable time to switch to Bloody Mary's (wink).

Wish me luck, turn up the volume and enjoy my selection of Vegas-themed blog tunes. Mix up your own Bloody Marys and check back often, as I'm taking the netbook and the camera. It's no fun if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....at least at my age, it's not. I'll treat you to the sights of Sin City, and hopefully to a photo or two of Triple Triple Stars on a $1 slot :).



  1. Have a wonderful time. I'm never likely to go to Vegas, so I look forward to sharing your trip instead. Hmm, does that mean I get to share your winnings too?

  2. Win big Little Sister. Then maybe you can get that long arm machine you covet.

    I should have given you some money to play the slots for me.



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