Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Call the doctor!

Something is seriously wrong with's only Tuesday and she's finished piecing and sewing together all 336 pieces of Hunter Star needed for Friday's class.

Of course, this is hardly near completion. It still needs an inner border, and then a piano key border, and a pieced backing. And, I've still got the top for Windmill Farm to finish, along with the art quilts and the bargello table topper. I'm hoping to finish up whatever is easiest this weekend so I've got an OPAM finish for the month to post. Hmmm....maybe I could whip out a couple of holiday tea towels just for the finish.

No sewing after Sunday(gasp!) There's a lot of other tasks I need to attend to early next week. Come Wednesday at lunchtime, we'll be winging our way to Vegas, baby! And while I do intend to blog from Sin City, I'm trading in the sewing machine for a slot machine for a week.

The hubs and I need to sit down and figure out our schedules...well, his softball schedule for the tournament so I can get show tickets, make dinner reservations, plan some shopping, maybe a quilt shop hop, a trip to Ralph Jones Display (Christmas is coming), see if the swap meet places from a couple years ago still exist. I need to put together some lists, do some ironing, pick up some travel needs. I'm not sure we've got a rental car. unlike me to not start thinking about any of this until a week before we leave. Not like me to finish putting all those blocks together 4 days before deadline either. Am I sure I'm not suffering some serious malady??

Not to worry, I've got a doctor's appointment for Monday, so brain tumors, delusional episodes, multiple personality disorders can all be ruled out. :)  I have had a sore neck for almost a week now. While I did run that down in Google to find it could be an indicator of mouth cancer, I suspect the real cause  was lifting that hulking Bernina 1260 in and out of the car, all while shouldering one or two huge Vera Bradley tote bags loaded with supplies to classes 5 out of 7 straight days. Which might also explain some other recent pains. It sucks to get old.

'Excuse me, but can we go to bed now?'

Paco's been hanging in the studio lately. I think he may have overheard the hubs and I discussing how we'd get a teacup chihuahua home from Vegas, should we run across them at the indoor swap meet place, like we did the last time we were there together. I don't think Paco's fond of the idea that he could be dethroned from his cushy round studio throne (he's so insecure). Or else he's realized that he's either going to Ricky's house for a week, or Ricky is coming here to stay for a solid week. Yeah...that would send him into a downward spiral of depression. He'll snap out of it as soon as he hears the cookie jar open (can you say short term memory lapse? well, he is a chihuahua, and his roots are in Mexico....draw your own conclusions here)

It has occurred to me that we haven't had a giveaway in a while. I've been too distracted with classes. The giveaways will resume on my return, and who knows, they might include a little bit of Vegas bling.

Take heart, the week's half over. You've still got time to do something you love, so get on that.


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  1. That top is just wonderful. You must be thrilled with it? Sounds like you're going to need your holiday with all the things you have to do before then.


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