Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Has the Week Gone...Well, At Least We Have Another OPAM Finish

On the positive side, I fniished the Beach Tote, which will likely be a Christmas gift for someone. It's pretty large.

Two large inside pockets and a cell phone pocket
Some freemotion, a lot of double needle work, some machine embroidery and a bit of couching. I'm happy with it and ready to move on to the next project.

The week started off badly. Storm Sunday, way down county, managed to knock out our electricity for 18 hours. Can you say 'cranky'? 98 degrees outside, no A/C, no lights, no ice, no fans, no sewing. And this was made even worse by the fact that every neighborhood that surrounded ours had electricity. Apparently, our wacked out electric company has us attached to lines that initiate 20 miles away, so when they have severe weather, it could be breezeless, sunnny and dry, but our power will go out because some tree fell on a power line 40 minutes southwest of us. Go figure.

We also had no power at our office, but they weren't as lucky as we were, and full power wasn't restored until Wednesday night. One or two outlets in our house worked, so they ran extension cords to get the servers up so we could telecommute from home (there was no a/c or running water at the office).

Saturday we opened a home for wayward dogs whose owners go to the beach for a week, and the hubs' brother brought his pup by. It's been interesting. The first 10 minutes he managed to send a Tiffany lamp in the family room crashing to the floor where the stained glass shade not only broke in a couple places, but one of the CFL bulbs also smashed. I debated whether or not  I needed to call in a Hazmat team, and just cleaned it up (cutting myself in the process--I'll probably be admitted to the hospital in few weeks suffering from acute mercury poisoning.

Twenty minutes later I'm cleaning up poop in the living room, and he's shredding every dog toy in the house. No sooner than I pick up a bag full of foam and fur than I turn around and it's trailed throughout another room. He goes home Saturday.

Paco hates him, very insecure, so they tussle a lot. I spend a lot of time yelling and smacking snouts ('ba-ad boy...we do not bite Paco/Buster on the nose, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!')

If that hasn't been enough, the hubs calls the daughter and asks her to bring over the grandpup tomorrow to see how the FOUR dogs get along. Maybe he should just take an ad out on Craig's List. Whatever....I'm going to neighbhood ladies happy night, so he can live with his own mistakes. Good luck, honey! (The grandpup hates every other dog in this neighborhood, I don't think he's going to treat Buster any differently because he's a distant cousin.)

The weather here has been so hot and humid that I did an impulse thing Tuesday, while enjoying an afternoon off of work. I had 12" cut off my hair. Yes, I bought miracle product, no, I don't think it's going to look like it does now after I wash it tomorrow morning. Yes, I do like looks a thousand percent better than it did. I also almost went for a pedicure, but I figured I'd already spent enough for the day at the hair salon. Maybe one day next week.

Speaking of next week....I just got a call that I've made it into one of the classes I waitlisted myself for, so that means I'm taking classes M-W-Th-F-S next week. Can you say 'crazy woman'?

I spent a small fortune at the quilt shop on Saturday picking up fabrics for two of the classes, and now I've got to go out for more. At least I'm knocking out a lot of Christmas gifts this way.

Please bear with me next week. I'm hoping to finish up a couple things before the week ends, so I'll definitely be back to post tomorrow or Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend, do something you love, and stay cool!!!  Oh, and be good. And if you can't be me! :)


  1. What a lovely bag...sorry about your lamp...

  2. Sounds like you've been really busy with that dog who's been visiting.

    Enjoy the classes next week, I'm looking forward to hearing about them.

  3. I am exhausted just reading your post! LOL! When I retire (THIS YEAR) I'm going to see about taking classes too. Maybe I'll even finish something! :)


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