Thursday, August 26, 2010

Luck Be A Lady Tonight.....

Got to the hotel, checked my email and woo hoo, I was one of the 3 winners of the recent Superior Threads giveaway. I just need to pick 5 colors of their new silk thread. Thanks Superior! (And the Quilt Show for promoting the giveaway).

So, I'm thinking this could be a sign, and I promptly headed down to the casino and ran through half my daily gambling allowance---IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!. (Okay, so lucky at thread, unlucky at slots).

After feeding bills into the dollar slots and coming up empty, I headed back to quarter land, and within a minute of sitting down at a 10 Times Pay machine I found myself waiting patiently and whistling Dixie for about five minutes while the machine racked up 3000 credits (I hit 10x 10x triple bar). $750 on a quarter bet. Not too shabby. Think I'll stick to quarter slots for the rest of the trip now. :)

I would have taken a picture but the hubs was back in the room checking on his Fantasy League draft and had my cellphone tethered to his notebook for internet access, and I didn't have room for my camera in my purse. Tomororw I promise to take photos.

There were two other great things I shoulda, woulda, coulda had the camera for....we went to some cheesy old school casino across the street - Wild Bill's, for 99c margaritas once we dropped off our luggage in our room. They had an Elvis impersonator. Now, I only heard him as I was sitting at a slot machine (I know, I have a disease, but it wss the first casino op of the trip..other than at the rental car place,and no one was playing those, so it would have been really geeky to do that)--I digress..back to the Elvis impersonator. The hubs fought his way through the crowd to check him out and came back and said he was the 'fat Elvis'. Now, we all know what that refers's the Elvis before the end, bloated, Spandex jumpsuits. Okay, farir enought, and then he tells me, no, I mean the FAT Elvis. Apparently the guy weighed 350 pounds and couldn't even stand to perform, he had to sit--imagine sitting and singing Viva Las Vegas. I swear....I will do my very best to get back there tomorrow at around that time and hopefully document this for you.

After dinner we walked through Paris out to the Strip to watch the fountains at Bellagio. I turn to my left, and who do I see but none other than ....wait for it......CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW (swoon). Okay, so he was a damn good impersonator. We were having a little trouble deciding whether or not he was a girl, but that's beside the point. There were a couple of girls hanging out taking photos and I guess trying to get him/her back to their hotel room, until he mentioned that they needed to pay him for taking pictures with him. Talk about ruining the romantic moment. The one girl dug in her purse and gave him a couple bucks and quickly hurried away with her friend. As we walked by there was a large, clearly non-American family posing. We didn't stick around to see their reaction. You do what you gotta do. I've always seen the Elvis impersonators on the street, but a good Jack Sparrow was a real treat. Again.....if he's out tomorrow, I'll snap a pic (and give him/her a couple bucks).

Enough excitement for one night. It's only 10, but it's really 1. We need to get up early tomorrow so I can figure out the quilt shop hop. After that I'll take the camera out. It was 106 today, and probably still 100 at 9:30. But as they say in the's a dry heat, so it's not so bad (yeah, right!)


  1. Don't understand all that casino stuff but do comprehend WINNING THREAD, well done, lucky girl.

  2. Hi,

    Are you up? Got enough for the long arm?

    Thought we'd hear from you, must be busy, busy, busy.



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