Sunday, June 7, 2015

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

So, yesterday I decided to mass produce a bunch of peels while binge watching the last season of Real Housewives of Orange County (yes, I am incorrigible). Facing the repetitive stitching of 288 peels, I decided that this would be a most excellent project to learn something new.

And that would be how to use the knee lift on my Bernina. Especially since I've been using a Berninas for the past 12 years that have come equipped with this handy-dandy feature.

I'm not going to tell you it wasn't awkward.  I'm still not totally fluent in not stepping on the foot pedal while using my knee to lift the presser foot (teeny tiny little stitches impossible to rip out ensue). But I basically did okay.

I managed to piece a pile of peels to turn inside out while watching American Pharoah win the Triple Crown. (And I managed to win an ever so small sum of money on my Exacta :) ).

I'm off to do a little merchandising....dragging the hubs along to help today (this will probably be regrettable).  Hopefully we aren't out too long so I can get back to practicing knee lifts on the remaining peels.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love my knee lift! On my new machine, I need to have it adjusted to make it in the right place for me to use.

    I must be incorrigible too - I love that franchise!

  2. I will triple ditto that incorrigible part!


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