Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy National Gingerbread Day!

I love Gingerbread decorations for Christmas.  This is my gingerbread tree that goes up in the kitchen every year. It started out as a simple tree...I made every ornament on it, in some wacky/misguided  effort to be frugal (as if the hubs wouldn't notice that I was bringing in yet another Christmas tree).

But then as friends and family got wind of it, decorations started appearing...some came in the mail, a few were attached to my Christmas gifts, they jumped into my basket when I was at a Christmas or craft store.  Soon there were hundreds of ornaments on that tree...and very wisely, I wired each one to a branch, planted that tree in a planter filled with everything you need to make gingerbread, and when the season is done, it's wrapped in plastic and carted down to the basement.  No muss, no fuss!

If I weren't such a lazy bum, I could bring it up to the kitchen for National Gingerbread Day, and make up a big old batch of gingerbread men to take with me to Ladies Night tonight.

Or I could spend the time that would take sewing together the backing for that batik paper-pieced quilt.  

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