Thursday, June 4, 2015

203 Days Until Christmas

Every once in a while I need to stop thinking (obsessing) about quilting, and focus on other creative pursuits.  In this case, since tomorrow is National Gingerbread Day, I've got Christmas on my mind.

It's probably time to start adding Christmas crafty items to my Etsy store (, and maybe start working on some of those crafts I didn't get to last year that are piled up underneath the workbench in my craft room.

And I should definitely start thinking about what I'm going to do with these two VINTAGE Flexible Flyer sleds I picked up at an auction last month. (Decorate them with greens, berries, bows and LED lights, or sell them 'as is'?)

Or maybe, I should focus on the holidays that are coming BEFORE Halloween.  While I did finish one more block for the Crabapple Hill Halloween quilt...I don't put much confidence in it being ready for 2016...though I do have a business trip for 6 fun-filled (NOT!) days in Minneapolis coming up that will certainly offer an opportunity to put in some serious in-flight stitching.

Have you got Christmas in the back of your mind? And most importantly, have you started your shopping yet?

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