Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Over Achieving Jane

As it recently dawned on me that I was 57 blocks behind on my Dear Jane goal, I decided to spend the better part of this past weekend in pursuit of a little Jane catch-up.  The fact that it was March 1st and snowing and sleeting on top of the already 12" of snow we got earlier in the week, I wasn't really going anywhere, so parking myself in front of my sewing machine seemed like a good idea.

I was really happy that I had previously prepped up little packets of Jane blocks with their patterns printed out and cut apart and the fabric cut for piecing, because that left me with a couple dozen blocks I could just grab and get to work on.  It made it a heck of a lot easier to make a dent in my goal.

I actually finished 11 blocks.  That's the 10 for March and one chipped away from the 57 block behind  list.

There would have been 12 but one of them got the best of me...

After sewing and ripping, and sewing and ripping, for about 6 tries to get them together into a square, I finally gave up the ghost.  I pressed the heck out of the worse for the wear pieces with Best Press and tucked them back inside a folder to confront another day.  At this point, I'm seriously thinking about slipping this one into the trash and using that duplicate block I had made--honestly, who'd notice? (Besides me).

It's not like me to let a little quilt block get the best of me.  I'm slipping.

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