Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oh Dear (God) ... Jane

Last weekend, facing the task of adding the borders to the Grand Illusion mystery quilt (yep, I meticulously pieced in 3/4" white sashing throughout all 90 some inches of it), therefore rendering it ready for the arduous task of sandwiching and quilting under my domestic (with no extra space) sewing machine, I sidetracked myself and picked up on Dear Jane.

The bad news is that I am 57 (yes, fifty-seven) blocks behind on my original goal of 10 blocks a month that I set for myself back in March 2014. The good news is that I've finished 63 blocks.

When you haven't paper-pieced for a while it takes a bit of time to get back in the rhythm of the process, as well as a lot of concentration as to which fabric faces which way.  At the end of Saturday I had finished 4 blocks, and had a new favorite block for Jane:

On Sunday I was able to piece more blocks, and before moving the design wall (which was making me claustrophobic in my studio, having been blocking off the closet for nearly a month), just for fun, I threw all 63 blocks up to get an overall idea of how my 'Dear Kaffe' is going to look:

Not too shabby.

Since I've managed to sideline the project I had planned for today (another roadblock I threw in the mix to avoid working on sandwiching Grand Illusion--more on that tomorrow), maybe I'll see if I can knock out half of this months' 10 blocks so I don't fall even further behind.

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