Monday, March 2, 2015

You Can Never Have Too Many Frying Pans in the Fire

You're aware that I'm doing my usual 'wait until the last minute' dance to finish up Grand Illusion for our upcoming Guild Quilt Show.  I've managed to piece all 4 borders and actually sew 2 of them on.  And the other two are pinned and ready to go, but finishing them would require me to piece the back and 'rassle' the quilt into a sandwich for quilting on my Bernina.  So, tapping into that same energy I'm using to avoid doing the 2015 income taxes, I've begun to focus on my next project.

Now yes, I could have opened up one of my project notebooks...the one with the projects already started and ready to go, or the one with the ideas that have the supplies that have yet to be prepped, therefore freeing up some space in either the closet

or one of my cute little boxes full of 'kitted' projects

But noooooo, I am off on a new mission.

One that required an afternoon spent shopping online at Hancock's of Paducah's batik sale,

and another couple of hours searching the net for the perfect white on white background fabric,

and a half an ink cartridge printing out paper piecing foundations, and requires about 8 hours cutting out 1826 pieces of fabric.....

I've cut, bagged and tagged all 797 pieces of white, very carefully laying each one right side up (ha if I'm not going to have to rip a seam or two or twelve to fix a piece that's face down in a block).  As for the batiks, I had planned to spend a snowy/sleety/icing Sunday cutting 1029 pieces -- obsessing througout the process as to which color for each piece -- but for some reason 'the woman who never prewashes anything', had a little fairy buzzing in my ear Sunday morning that I might be truly sorry if, after all that work, I wound up with a light blue background.  So that stack of batiks was divided into dark and lighter and given a nice hot wash and are presently waiting patiently to be ironed and spray starched back to their original, easy to work with, new fabric stiffness. (Have I mentioned that 'the woman who never prewashes anything' is also 'the woman who hates to iron anything but seams on quilt pieces'?).  Sigh. I wonder if there's another project I can start?

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  1. Pre-washing is like insurance. You hate that you have to have it. But, it sure is nice when you need it. Love your new project! Lane


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