Saturday, March 31, 2012

So Long March! It's Been A Good Month.

Let's start off with the last OPAM finish of the month....the Aurifil Designers 2012 Block. While I had the embroidery done the first week of the month, my Moda layer cake was missing one of the prints used on the model, so I sent an email to United Notions and those nice folks sent me a half yard of the fabric that was missing. Just one more reason Moda is my favorite fabric.

When the puppy isn't being totally needy (which he was for most of the day), I've been working on the challenge quilt. The top is pieced.....

...but I'm not sure I want to use my attempt at an orange/blossom appplique on it. I almost think I'd rather just have some random flowers scattered here and there (the first things I've cut with my Slice). I'm going to look at it for a bit and decide. I've got three weeks to finish up everything, bind, add hanging sleeves and labels. No worries, mon...(though I think I need to take a break for a day or two to get the taxes done, and the beef wellington dinner out of the way (tomorrow is daughter's time I'll give her a short list for her dinner choice rather than just ask 'what would you like for your birthday dinner')

Well, off to clean up the studio. See you in April!

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