Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday Night Ramblings

After my eye doctor appointment on Wednesday I decided to take a run through the Dollar Tree. In addition to fairy floss (cotton candy), Zapp's chips (New Orleans delicacy), and other items I didn't really need but couldn't pass up because they only cost a buck, I found some cute little storage baskets and plastic ramekins (for cupcake pincushions). The dollar stores are my favorite place to find neat storage items. Like the little totes below that I use to hold materials for a single project. Sometimes my short attention span gets the best of me and I tire of what I'm working on and want to start something else. Just toss it all in a basket and set it aside.

Do they have dollar stores in other countries?  We've certainly got dollar stores to spare here in the US.

The little green crates came 4 to a pack. Perfect to keep my 12pt. Aurifil threads sorted in my embroidery thread drawer.

And, speaking of Aurifil threads, I spent last night making the Aurifil Designer's block from January. I figured it was best to get it out of the way so it didn't take time away from prepping some Baltimore applique for Sunday's class. And I can't seem to get myself to bed before 3:30 a.m. the past couple of nights, so it gave me something to do.

Remember these cool vintage needle sets I got on eBay a month or so ago? Well, I finally did something with them.

One more item for the studio wall. Of course, that required rearranging some things to make room. My first applique project moved out to the upstairs hall.

Not to shabby for my first applique, and my first machine quilting, with a little embroidery and crystal embellishment. Every black on white fabric used has an exact white on black counterpart. Clever, eh?

Well, I've got to go check on the hubs. He was feeling a little lightheaded earlier. (Maybe someone put a roofie in his Cosmo at the restaurant :) ), and we've got the Grandpup here for a sleepover tonight...Paco misses Bailey, so we've been arranging playdates and sleepovers for him while we continue to look for a new pup. I don't want him to think he can become the Alpha dog around here (that's my position), so Mr. Rick works to keep him humbled.

I've got a busy day in the studio planned for tomorrow. Hopefully you'll see some progress on Baltimore and a binding on Broken Records (the Drunkards).

Whatever you've planned for yourself, enjoy!

Are we keeping you awake, Mr. Rick?


  1. What a clever thing to do with those packages.

    I love your first applique, looks fantastic!

  2. I like the vintage needle sets too! You've found neat ways to organize!


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