Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Time To Move On

Today has been a day of reflection...serious reflection.

Now that my sister's funeral is behind me I can direct my attention to a self-centered bride and an overly critical, likely to be ex-, husband. God give me strength. (Though, it's likely I'm going to have a pack of Marlboro's in my purse before the week is out...and I will blame my family for that, regardless of who it is that lights the matches).

Before I left for Ohio I had asked my husband to pick up some FoamCor so I could come back and make the block carrier from Elly Sienkiewicz's Baltimore Elegance book. Clearly he didn't hear me, lost the note with the sizes, didn't think it was worth the effort, so that's on hold until I can get over to Michaels to pick up what I need, myself--which is what I should have done to begin with. (Really, by now I should know better....if you want something done, do it yourself.)

My daughter's in a snit because I told her it was too late to send out 'Save the Date' magnets (not yet ordered, and if they were, they'd be mailing the week before the invitations). Of course the hubs is being pissy because I'm stressing the daughter by 'throwing a roadblock' at her plans. He thinks we should just roll up and set fire to a couple of Benjamins and f--k wedding etiquette so as not to stress the bride. (Hel-lo....does he consider the level of stress he's causing the MOB? This is why he's going to be apartment hunting on October 9th.)

Come back tomorrow and I'll have something sewn to show you. I NEED to sew something  (because I shudder to think what I might do otherwise).

And most importantly, thanks for the thoughtful comments regarding my sister. I truly appreciated the comfort of friends. Especially in the absence of family. Love you all.


  1. {{hugs}} Susan! I am so sorry you are so stressed. I'm sending some positive vibes~ go sew and relax your mind. ;-)

  2. I saw on facebook about your sister, I am sooo very sorry. Looks like you will have your hands full for a while...good luck....

  3. What can I say? Jeeze!! DD needs a reality check, it is only a wedding and I'll probably get blasted for saying that, but there are bigger things in life than "the day". It's called life and it sounds like she needs to learn how to deal with it.

    So sorry for all that is on your plate right now, remember what doesn't kill us is suppose to make us stronger.

    hang in there kiddo....hugs from your cyber friend in NH!!

  4. I'm so sorry for all the stress you're having - you don't need it right now.

    I hope the week has got better, or you managed to sew to give yourself some me-time.


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