Saturday, July 30, 2011

Road Trip!!!!!

(Screeech!!!!!!! Back up now!!! 55 THOUSAND Swarovski crystals? You don't suppose she bought those at Michaels now, do you?  That would be about 1000 packs. Man, I would not want to have been in line behind that woman!)

Took the day off work today and headed to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA with my sister.

Quite the applique-centric show this year (I remember it being that two years ago as well), there was a fabulous exhibition of applique (including Baltimore album) quilts (sorry, photos not allowed) from the collection of Pat and Arlan Christ. 40 quilts from the mid 1800s were on display. My sister pointed out that most of these were in amazing shape considering they were 150 years old. Something to keep in mind as we crank out our own work....someday, 150 years from now, one of your quilts could be hanging in a show somewhere, belonging to a collector who purchased it for a small fortune. (I really need to start burying those thread ends!). But, it's more likely when I die that my daughter will just cram all my quilts in a plastic trash bag and put them out for an AmVets or Purple Hearts pick up :-).

Here's a couple highlights of the show...

This was a fun one (you've got to have some serious love for Jack Nicholson to invest the time in this one....I'm hoping to see a Johnny Depp at an upcoming show)

And it was fun to run into an old 'friend'.  I remember this quilt from Houston back in '09. It was this quilt that finally made me realize that clowns really are creepy.

Ringmasters by Denise Havlan (sorry, I didn't get a readable placard shot)

The vendor mall was just okay, not a great fabric selection, only a couple vendor selling fat quarters. I did pick up some wool and of course I did my usual bag o'thread (and spent half my mad money) at Superior Threads (10 spools of silk and a large cone of 50 wt Masterpiece for piecing). I was excited to read that Aurifil would be represented at the show, but the vendor was selling the thread for the same price our quilt shop sells it for, with no discount for multiple spools (shame on him!), so I walked away Aurifil-threadless--for full price, I'd rather give my money to my local quilt shop.

Well, it's getting late. I'll post a few more photos tomorrow. I've got to get up early and pick up some milk at the Farmer's Market and since it's so darn hot, I think I'll spend the weekend in the studio. There's Turtles to finish, Drunkard's Paths to cut, and wool applique projects to prep (yeah, yeah, on another tangent, I go).

Gotta check when the next Mimi Dietrich class is scheduled and get my homework ready for that too (I think it might be next Sunday).

Sleep tight!


  1. Great pics thanks for taking the time to post them. Appreciate seeing the tags as well. Glad you had the time to take a break and have some fun!

  2. Really enjoyed this post and look forward to your next! I have a quilt in the show (10 ladies in kimono, black frame) and I love reading reports from people who are able to go.

    - Megan Farkas

  3. Susan, I had exactly the same impression of the vendor's mall as you did - came home with a yard of blue and four black/white FQ, some King Tut and Aurifil - but I also bought a sewing machine :) One of the Featherweight vendors also had a sweet 301-A with case, and she came home with me.


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