Monday, June 6, 2011

Where's the Motivation?

I've been sitting in my studio for 4 days now and haven't been motivated or inspired to start a project. I can't put my finger on it. I've got multiple projects to choose from, I've got projects that are started that I can finish, I've got fabric to iron and patterns to choose for my class with Mimi Dietrich Sunday, yet here I sit, popping Pez (some of which are probably 10 years old--seriously, Pez, does not spoil, so no need to call the EMTs), and OD'ing on Say Yes to the Dress On Demand.

But wait, what's that on the sewing machine?

 Ah, it's the circular embroidery attachment.

And I did use it to test and choose some stitches to use on the new Drunkard's Path project.

And while I'm a little hesitant to cut out the wedges and the pies (because it's going to be a bit tedious and take forever (no Go! on this one), there's always the fear that I use the wrong templates for pies and crusts, So, I put off the work that I need to think about, and instead figured it was okay to do the mindless prep, which was cutting out the 16 pieces of fabric that will be circularly embroidered...
and fuse lightweight tear away stabilizer to the back of each.

Still procrastinating on Day 3 of the Drunkard's Path  Project, I told myself I needed one more little sew out to try to determine how far apart to space each circle of stitching. Now I'm  ready to get started on this....but I just can't bring myself to poke one of those squares on the machine and get to stitching.

I could turn the TV off. I could go dig a little shot of Five Hour Energy out of the cabinet in the kitchen (Lord knows, the 10 year old Pez aren't exactly offering up any sugar rush to speak of--nor has my 4th Diet Coke of the day) OR I could go let the dogs out, crawl into bed with The Quilt Life and fall dead asleep 4 paragraphs into a Ricky Tims article.

Maybe the morning will bring some motivation. (Which will have to last through the work day and Bridal Shop Appointment #3 after work).

Heavy sigh.....I think I'll save that energy drink for tomorrow night..


  1. Sometimes motivation is just not there. Go with the flow - it will work out!

  2. I have those days too.....just wait tho, when that motivation comes, nothing will stop you!

  3. I think we all have days with no motivation --- do something else, go outside if the weather is nice, go shopping ... perhaps not Bridal shopping though! Read a book, take a nap - then I hope you'll be ready to sew.

  4. It will come but let me try a little motivation in the way of "competition" and see if that works. hehe

    I watched a rerun of Fons and Porter the other day and saw a Drunkard's Path quilt with circular stitching very similar to what you are practicing and I was intrigued. I am determined to try this myself very soon SO, get your butt in gear or I'll state you are a copycat!

    -wink- Go have a glass of wine and let it come when it comes. Until then, a good book or trash TV will work.

  5. aaawwwhhh.....I hope you came out of the slump! Maybe the class yesterday gave you the jump start that you needed?? I'm a Mento's gal...can sit and chomp on them one after another and just stare at things. ugh!!

  6. You are describing where I am today with a slump. For me it is cheez-its or chocolate


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