Friday, June 3, 2011

Lost But Not Forgotten (I Hope)

Remember me? Hell-o!

I got a little drunk (figuratively speaking, not least in this instance) on the long weekend last week...3-1/2 glorious days of no work, and then a day spent working from home in my jammies. 2 days of cookouts, so no sewing to speak of (though I did sit poolside and do a little applique on Aunt Millie's Garden)....and then it was my birthday (more debauchery) and a last minute plan for yet another workless day off to go to a quilt show with Becky (Sarcastic Quilter). Anyhow, I'm still reveling in the fact that it is ONLY FRIDAY (woo hoo!), and I've got two more days with no plans (other than a morning appointment at a bridal salon) to actually accomplish some sort of sewing.

First, a couple orders of business we need to clear up...

The finished Winding Ways table quilt...a May OPAM finish. Still needs a label, but it's done and will be out of here (and yes, I am still not fond of it....AT ALL..can ya tell? (It's on the floor for it's photo op,).

Second order of business...someone needs to win this  pincushion:

and that would be Joanne in New Hampshire. I've sent you an email. Yay!!! Congratulations, and thanks everyone for playing.

We'll have something cute to give away in June, so stay tuned.

Becky and I had a lovely time at the quilt show today. We just about shut it down, so not only did we get to see some lovely quilts, meet each other, enjoy a little shopping (and strangely enough, it was an unusually controlled 'shop' today--wait, I like that....'controlled shop', sounds like the Crocodile Hunter or something on Animal Planet....we've got a voiceover..."the ladies are sniffing about the vendor booths, nonchalantly scoping out the lay of the land, while others in the herd are pawing through the bins of fat quarters with random abandon...will they become aggressors and make their move and charge into the midst of the herd to establish position? Or will they pass up this opportunity and move further into the uncharted plains of the Expo Center to sniff out a more bountiful selection, with lower prices?")

...but we got a good bit of exercise walking around for seven (7)  hours (I must tell you that Fit Flops are not the best choice for 7-hour hikes).  While I would love to just go put my feet up, suck down a second glass of wine, and open one of the new quilt mags that arrived this week, I've got a daughter and a slew of her friends down in DC at the Verizon Center attending the NKOTB (for those of you that are pop culturally challenged, that would be New Kids On The Block) / Backstreet Boys concert. They parked their cars, got a ride to the Metro and were planning on hitting some bars in DC before and after. Guess who gets to drive to the Metro at 3:00 a.m. and pick them up? Trust me when I tell you that it isn't going to be the hubs, who was the one who agreed to this plan in the first place.

And gee, who's got an appointment to try on wedding gowns tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. 45 minutes north of here? Sucks to be my daughter and her bridesmaids tomorrow.

I'm going to leave you with one of the quilts on display at the quilt show today. More tomorrow. Have a lovely Saturday, and be sure to have some fun!


  1. It sounds like you've had a good week, but what a shame about having to be on taxi-duty at silly o'clock!

    The quilt you showed reminds me of stained glass windows in churches somehow.

  2. Wow sounds like a great week! I hope everyone arrives home safe and well in the wee hours of the morning! It makes me glad I live in the middle of now where sometimes. When my kids are of age, there is not much to do and NO where to go! However it also means NO quilt expos for ME! May need to rethink this plan! Have a great weekend.

  3. I am so glad that the two of you had a fun time...sad I was not there but glad you to got together and were able to go.

  4. Hmmm - I like the Racing Cinco do Mayo. I like that she did the quilting in the hoop - did I get that right? Is it like a Hoop Sisters? The quilt catches your eye.

  5. I wondered how you managed flip-flops all day! Glad for the chance to meet you, I enjoyed just chilling out. Given the hubs's permission to spend more money, you'd have thought I'd run us around those vendors with a little more enthusiasm but I guess I was just feeling the "get only what you came to get" vibe. Isn't it so sad? ;)

    Have to say, I'm not digging the Winding Ways that much either. I think it's the lack of contrast for me but it does still have a pretty and soft feel about it so it does look good.

  6. Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the show...the Cinco do Mayo is dresses!! - fun for the girls? (should be, but pretty stressful at the same time) No lovin' the winding ways...sorry, not enough color? but it is a finish - so good for you!! Good to see that you had fun at the show, and Lastly - YEA!!! for me!!! (can you tell I'm catching up this morning?)


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