Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, Saturday....Yay for Saturday!

Just doing a little blog updating, and waiting to start something new in the studio. But first I need to run downstairs for the bottle of aspirin. The future son-in-law dropped off the grandpup for an afternoon of barking at nothing.

And what a surprise....Mr. Ricky got a haircut



Well, that haircut should last him a couple of years. The hubs told the daughter he's going to file for a protective order and take custody . :)  Though I have to say, it's the perfect 'do' for a long-haired chihuahua needing to enter the witness protection program.

Note the 'official Accuquilt blogger' button on my sidebar. Yes, it's finally official, and if you click on the link below for the free patterns, and sign yourself up for their newsletter you'll get some great downloadable patterns. We're going to be working with one of them in the next week, so check them out. Even if you don't have a GO! yet, you'll want to grab these pattern books while they're free. You never know when you might find yourself a proud GO! owner.

I'm off to download my free pattern book and  then make one of Heather Bailey's pincushions...wanna guess which one?


  1. Love the haircut. I shave our cocker in the summers, too.

    I'm guessing the elephant.

  2. too funny about the dog....

  3. Poor puppy! lol, too cute. I'll check out the patterns, thanks!

  4. Ahh !!! Mr Ricky is a handsome boy now.

  5. The turtle -- I couldn't get the Accuquilt form to respond for the download! Perhaps it is because I already get the newsletter??


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