Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Stattrek Random Number Generator selected Donna as our winning commenting follower for the February Giveaway.

Yay Donna! I hope you enjoy your authentic 1930s feedsack needle book and the needles (John James applique #10 and #11, and a self-threading needle to bury those tails. Let me know which one of these you would like.

It's been a quiet night. Watching Hurricane Charlie interview poorly (interesting), painting my nails so it can all chip off by the weekend (I can attest that gel manicures really aren't the best for your nails--leaves them basically in the same shape as they are when you remove acrylics),

keeping an eye on yet another broken dog (Paco this time--and it's his birthday!, awwwww, poor baby).

I did almost place a large shwe shwe order with deGama Textiles in S. Africa for even more indigo to add to my collection--new colors....but they're out of the office for a couple weeks on the S. African quilt show circuit so I've got time to think about it, not to mention, I don't want my credit card info floating around out there for 2 weeks. The fabric is really inexpensive when you buy it from the mill, but the shipping is as much, if not more than the fabric. I'll see if I'm still in an indigo mood in a couple weeks when they return.

Not sure I'll get much sewing in, between the job, the merchandising, chilling out and the housework that isn't getting done, but I do have prep work needed for the workshop with Ellly Sienkiewicz...the Queen of Baltimore Beauty--- coming up this Sunday. I'm going to try real hard to actually get it started before Saturday night. Wish me luck!

Today we decided that we would go to the quilt show in Lancaster on Friday the 19th. Most of the classes available were full day classes, so we've checked a couple of lectures that would be nice to attend if they're still available the day we go. (Ricky Tims and Sue Nickels) Of course, I also ran through the list of vendors...lots of goodies to be had here.

I also checked out the July Hershey Quilt Odyssey show and need to make some decisions about time for that. Registration begins at 6:00 a.m. online next Saturday, so if you're planning on attending this, you should visit their new website and set up an account now in order to register.

I was excited to find out that Sharon Schamber and Becky Goldsmith will be giving lectures and workshops at our quilt guild this coming fall. It's going to be a good year for my continuing quilt education.

We'll have another prize drawing for March comments, so please check back for posts (which I hope will be more frequent this month). Have a good day tomorrow. Hope it's creative.


  1. Congrats to your lucky winner. I so agree about nail varnish, so I've stopped using it completely - added bonus is time saved equals more quilting time!

  2. Congratulations to Donna!
    I haven't worn nail varnish for years!

  3. Here's hoping I am the Donna. I love the red one with the blue and yellow flowers. Susan, I sent you an email with my address just in case it is me. Love your blog. Thanks!

  4. Congrats to the you rescue dogs?

  5. Congrats to the winner...I'm like Sue..dont' waste my time on nails, they are NEVER all the same lenght and the winter is so rough on them!! Have fun at the show, hope you take tons of pics to share.

  6. Your pretty good if your nail polish makes it 4 or 5 days. Mine would be looking bad in two days time so I raerely use it any more. Poor Paco hope he's feeling better. Great prize, congrats to Donna.

  7. I do miss those 2 shows as I went every year before retiring to the south. Enjoy them and I shall be thinking about all my friends that are going to Lancaster in a couple weeks.


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