Monday, July 19, 2010

Another OPAM Finish...So Much To Do

Other than needing  a hanging sleeve (I've already got a cute little hanger) and a label. 'By the Sea' has been complete for just about a week now. Ladies and gents, we have an OPAM finish for July, and we are on a fast track to excel at finishes this month.

If you can enlarge this, check out the 'beach'.

Now we're on to the next class, which was a Beachy tote bag. Today I finished my homework for Tuesday's class and this will likely be finished by Tuesday night. Here's the work in progress for this:

It's chock full of couching, machine embroidery, quilting.

What do you suppose these 20-strip pieces are going to turn into? (there's 3 of them).

Yep, it's Bargello. This is the top half of a table runner. I've stitched together the left side. Still need to stitch the right side strips, then make another one, flip it and attach them., bind, sandwich and quilt. Next class on this is Friday, I just need to have the top finished. (I have a feeling it's going to be a week of late nights, coming up).

I spent all day Saturday in a class and learned how to freeform piece. Here's a sample of a few components of what will become an arty quilt. (Though I'll most likely not use these practice pieces in it)

I'm halfway through my 8 signed up for classes. There are 3 more I'm waitlisted on, so we'll see if I get into any of those.

Of course, I decided I needed batiks for this little art project, so here's yesterday's shopping after class:


And who can resist a good online sale?

My latest buy from, I present you a real throwback to the 70s, it's called Hot Flash from Westminster Fabrics, and it was on this super 4th of July sale for $3.98 a yard. Woven, heavy, colorful. Can you say 'what a deal!' boys and girls?

Right now there's plenty of fabric to make a large quilt, I purchased 4 yds. for backing to piece together with that large strip on the left (on top of the backing),

It's been really hot here, as my blog tunes can confirm. Yes, we had an earthquake in Maryland, and no, I didn't feel it. I (along with my daughter 20 miles north) managed to sleep through it (and all the neighborhood chatter that took to the streets as I can only imagine they all fled their homes fearing imminent structure collapse). This is what happens when you stay up until 3 a.m. embellishing tote bag panels--you miss particpating in history.

Should there be an earthquake tonight, I'll be ready. I'm heading to bed after completing a quarter of the homework for Friday night's Bargello class. While it pains me to leave it on the design board (and the other half of the strip sets neatly stacked in order and pinned on the cutting table), I'm hitting the sack with the new issue of Quilters Home.

Ya'll have a super week. Stay cool if you're hot, stay warm if you're reading in AU. Create and be happy!


  1. You certainly are doing some fun things over there...that beach is just awesome!

  2. Woww, you have been busy. Are you doing these classes at a retreat or a show or are they on-line?

  3. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the completed "By The Sea"! I'm going to retire this year and have time to try out some of the fun stuff you show ... you've opened my mind to SO many possibilities!! Thanks! :)

  4. Wow Susan.....your art quilt is truly stunning, so life like, you have done an amazing job...well done....and you have lots of things on the go as well...

  5. I'm loving them all, especially your finish. Very pretty.

  6. Love your beach, and the bargello, you've been a busy bunny!

  7. What a great beach wall hanging! It reminds me of the accidental landscapes. Very pretty.


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