Monday, December 7, 2009

The Decorating Progresses

Quick update with a few photos. I've got  the day off work to play catch-up and I need to get some work done, after spending the last hour planning out my merchandising work for the next two weeks. Plus I need to run out to Kohls, solely for the purpose of spending the $10 Kohls bucks my daughter gave me, a neighbor is coming at 4:30 for a quick 'how to' freemotion quilt demo, and I've got the quilt guild holiday party tonight and need to wrap my secret sister gift and pick up an appetizer or a dessert to bring. Phew!

Here's the mantle decorations. Finally I get to use the black feather boas I've had stashed away for 2 years. Ya-ay! I REALLY NEED a big ornate clock face to go in that space on the right hand side. Or, maybe that porcelain doll angel I made will work. Haven't run across it yet, but I don't think so. Must be a clock--maybe Kohls will have one. (Right! I'm SURE Kohls will have an ornate, antique clock--Dream On!) Yes, I made the wizard Santa on the right, and that's my Herr Drosselmier (sp?) Steinbach nutcracker.

Monster tree (10 ft) in the family room. Still hanging ornaments. Resisting the urge to get the wire out and reposition branches so they aren't drooping. I don't think I can resist much longer. Thankfully, the BIL went to cut down a tree up the street yesterday and was happy to come by and help the hubs bring this (and the other tree) in the house. Otherwise it would probably be laying the driveway right now.

Moved the Beyers gingerbread display into the family room this year. One less table taking up space in the breakfast room.
The other Frasier is in it's stand, drinking like a fish (now this is a tree after my own heart) in the living room. The flocked Mardi Gras tree is lit and is 'throwing up beads' as DD might say, awaiting it's ornaments. This is my favorite tree, so I never rush it.

The red and white is finished, and unfortunately, in the foyer with the Mardi Gras tree. I wanted it elsewhere, but just couldn't figure out where. It wouldn't fit in the office without moving the 400 pound desk, and I was feeling very un-Teamsterlike yesterday, so no furniture was repositioned.

The plan is to finish the monster tree and the Mardi Gras tree today, and if I'm super productive....the vintage tree in the living room. If there's a good Christmas movie on tonight, all the better. After that, it's all a crapshoot this week.

Time's a-wastin'. I must get to work. So much to do, so little time.

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