Thursday, December 17, 2009

And She Comes Up for Air

Been a crazy week, but things are finally mellowing out a bit. I've got the next 3 days off work (well, one job, anyway) and then I'm working 2 half days. The plan is to hit the quilt studio running tomorrow morning an not come out -- except to make gingerbread houses with the niece Saturday -- until the gifts for MIL, SIL and friend are finished.

All but 3 trees are complete, so here's a little tour of how things are shaping up at Maison Entwistle...

 My favorite trees are both in the foyer. The red and white, which I think this year, has finally got enough ornaments to fill it out. It's got both red and white lights on it and is a favorite of most of our guests...until they see the tree across from it....

I will always love the Mardi Gras tree. It's a great flocked tree that you can stand in front of for quite a long time checking out the very cool (and un-Christmas-y) ornaments And the top seems to get better every year.

Who doesn't like gingerbread. This one is always fun, and it is crammed full of ornaments with very little space to add any more. It's only hope is to become a bigger tree, but that's unlikely as it is a tidy fit into the corner of the breakfast room behind the table at it's current size.

One of my favorite things about this tree is the 'skirt'. Everything you need to make your very own yummy gingerbread cookies.

Hard to get a full shot of the traditional tree. Added the elves since a half dozen new ones made their way into the decorations this year (those would be the bright ones with the wonky faces. Like this one....)

The ladder was full, so half the elves came off the ladder and invaded the tree with the newcomers. The huge candy canes also mysteriously appeared. I think the original plan was to use them with the red and white tree, but with this tree being so gosh darn HUGE, it just seemed to work hanging them on it. (It was also easy and required no creative thought process or the ever-elusive spare time to work something out for an alternate display.)

Well, that's all for now. Break time is over and I need to get back to work. I was up---well, actually I was down--in the basement--until 3 a.m. this morning trying to knock out some gift wrapping. I've still got a bunch more to go, but really need to wrap the gift for the Bunko 'Dirty Santa' gift exchange tonight. And I've got merchandising to do after work and need to pick up a can of jellied cranberry and a bottle of chili sauce so the hubs can make a casserole dish of meatballs I can take to the party tonight. It's potluck this year--why couldn't they just assign me wine---sigh (actually 'whine').

Leaving you with a photo of a non-tree's got my favorite things on the table, and some wooden Santas I collected 30 years ago on the shelves below. Check back tomorrow for more....after Saturday, we be switching to all things stitching (and probably bitching).

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  1. Hi Susan -Roberta here glad you posted your photos on here - I have some friends to show them to but they are no longer on the other website...I still love that red and white tree and am impatiently waiting for you to get a red tree and trim it with white ornaments. I received your card - that was very thoughtful of you and I appreciate it. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Thanks for reading. Happy quilting!