Monday, August 10, 2009

(The Sound of Trumpets) Taa Daa!!!!!!

The black/white/green twin size quilt for my daughter's guest room is finally finished (sound of cannons shooting confetti all around). Well, okay, it still needs the label sewn on, but for all practical purposes, it is done, complete, fini.

This is the largest I have done so far, I usually stick to throws, crib and smaller, but this one was a bear because she wanted thick batting in it to make it more 'comforter-like', so it was a hard wrangle on the 1260. Never's Warm and Natural/Warm and White from here on out.

Every block has been quilted with a walking foot around it's pattern. The sashing is all outlined, and there's a bit of freemotion going on here and there.

I designed and pieced this baby in April and then I just procrastinated my little heart out to avoid quilting it. Originally it was to be red, she wanted green, then I used too much green sashing so I had to rip it apart and substitute black for half the sashing.

My daughter was a long hard labor, so I guess it's only fitting that this quilt was equally hard to birth.

Another one bites the dust....yay! There's no better feeling than wrapping something up and getting to start on something new.

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