Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last night the label was sewn and the quilt officially completed. The label is quite unimaginative (daughter even commented about the 'creative' name), but I was testing the whole laser print on fabric concept, so it is what it is. I did add a little ink to it. I think 'A Gift from a Gift' is a much better name.

The minute I sat down to stitch, Paco decide to give the quilt a test run.

And he was even more happy when I tucked him in on the end I wasn't stitching.

What is it with dogs and quilts? Ricky (the grandpup) was here this evening and as I unfurled the quilt to show my daughter, he immediately ran over and curled up on the part of the quilt trailing on the floor.

I should be honored that I've been awarded the canine seal of approval on my work.

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