Monday, June 15, 2009

The Yellow Brick Road Was Paved With Good Intentions

We had the 'grandpup' this weekend, and he just felt like hanging out with me while I whipped out this birthday quilt yesterday. What is with dogs and layouts? If it wasn't him, it would have been one of the others, they just have to lay on top of what you're working on and then get all huffy when you want to move the block that's directly under them.

The hubs accompanied me to Web Fabric Saturday and picked up a little 6-pack of FQs that were black with bright prints. I told him to find 6 more FQs that went with it and I'd whip up a throw for our neice's birthday on the 21st. After assuring him that batiks did not go with the bright little modern prints, I was able to sway him to bright stripes and dots.

It started out being a Yellow Brick Road, but I was in a hurry and sort of screwed a little carried away and just kept cutting without reading so I didn't have any strips left at the end. Fortunately, it all worked out and I was able to put together 9.5" blocks from what I had stitched. I'll name it 'Detour On The Yellow Brick Road' or something like that. It's okay.

After work I'll stop and pick up some coordinating border/binding/backing and I hope to knock this out tonight. I'm just going to use the walking foot and ditch stitch in the interest of time.

When it's done, I'll post a photo and some instructions for the screwed up pattern...which I guess is now an 'original'. Ha ha.

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  1. hehe- I have one of those! She used to wait until I took photos but now it's any part of the laying out process she has to be on it. I shoo her off and she'll lay next to it with her paws on just to be on it. -lol-


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