Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Thing I Picked Up Another 500 Safety Pins Friday

As we can see, I've been busy this weekend. Figured out block placement on the Neptune quilt, pieced it sashed it and it hit the pinning table this morning. Phew! Of course, I love it.

And the birthday quilt for my neice was next up for pinning, right after I finished Neptune. I just love how bright and cheery this one is...very teenage girlish.

Now all I've got to do is strap on the walking foot and get to work, but first a break to run out and pick up a dozen crabs and a few sides for dinner, feed the always hungry dogs and then later I hope to get back up to the studio to finish at least one of these tonight.

If only I were 'bewitched' sister came to sew yesterday and left her Bernina 830 Record (and no, I didn't have to twist her arm, thank you) behind since she's coming back to sew next Saturday. A little nose wigglin' and I'd be done!

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