Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Many Fabrics, So LittleTime

I'm telecommuting today, wishing I were a student on Spring Break so I could be up in my sewing room playing with my latest fabric (Okay, I know, if I were a student on Spring Break, I most certainly wouldn't be playing in my sewing room...I'd be baking in the sun on the beach, sucking down Coronas with Margarita chasers).

In order to make myself even more miserable, I've laid out the fat quarters I bought at the quilt shop last night. As I'm waiting for work files to download I shuffle them around to see which should lay out next to each other when I turn them into an arty strip quilt. If it's not Moda (any and all), I seem to gravitate toward anything blue. This is the Indigo line from Timeless Treasures with a couple of their Contemporary fats thrown in for good measure (not to mention they were excellent coordinating prints).

Of course, I need to finish Jenifer's black and white quilt, which is currently on hold until I can get her to the fabric store to select the backing and borders. I have red, but now she wants it to be lime green--she's 25....it's her quilt, she wants it more 'fresh' than 'classic'. Whatever. I like lime green, so I think she may be on to something.
Back to work (and fabic shuffling).

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  1. I love blues so I'm right there with you. My bed quilt, whenever I get to that, will be blues, creams and tans (our walls are a chocolate brown).


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