Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Favorite Quilt Shops - Web Fabrics

My husband wanted to go to the Leesburg (VA) outlets on Saturday, so I jumped at the chance to re-route him to Purcellville for a visit to Web Fabrics. My sister had been a few weeks earlier (and neglected to invite me along...mistakenly thinking I wouldn't have wanted to 'call in sick' for a visit to a quilt shop...what was she thinking?) and she raved about this shop, so I had to go.

Web does online sales as well as having a very cute shop. Purcellville is about 15 minutes from Leesburg, which is a far out suburb of Washington DC...aka 'out in the country'. I was surprised to find the shop bustling late in the morning on a rainy Saturday.

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos, as once I walked in the door I was like a kid in a candy store and totally forgot to, but they have some photos on their site:

The organization and layout of this store is the best I've seen. They carry an extensive line of Moda precuts. Most shops just have a couple different charm packs or jelly rolls or bundles, but Web seems to carry almost all of them. They also make up their own custom bundles and rolls.
Throughout the store you'll find drawers and baskets full of fat quarters, a well as 1/2 yard pieces (which is something I've never seen in a shop). There are many colorful quilts draped across chairs. The staff is super-helpful and very nice (the owner offered to draw out a pattern of a quilt I was admiring that she had made).

I found exactly what I wanted (backing and sashing for the black and white quilt...note the tags...sweet!):
and a couple more Timeless Treasures fat quarters for the blue strip quilt that's next up. Dwight found a fat quarter bundle of animal prints he would like me to use, but I didn't buy it me an excuse to get back there. I was so 'on a mission' for the green fabric that I didn't really get to pay close attention to the rest of the fabrics on display this trip, but I did note there was an extensive selection.

It's probably for the best that this shop is a 52 mile drive from my house, or I'd need to find a 3rd job to support my new Web Fabrics habit.

Check back tomorrow when I review Homespun Hearth, which I discovered last Friday through their Friday Online Special.

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  1. I live in Waterford, VA and I'm at Web Fabrics weekly - sometimes twice a week! It indeed is a GREAT shop.


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