Friday, April 17, 2009

My Favorite Quilt Shops - Homespun Hearth

I discovered this shop last Friday when I got an email from one of the hundreds of quilting and fabric sites I get emails from. This particular email caught my eye because it was for a special 50% off promotion.

I checked it out and they were offering a fat quarter bundle of Moda's Zippity Doo Dah line...40 fqs, and 2 panels, for the ridiculously unpass-up-able price of $55. While I never would have paid $109.95 for this in a shop, I couldn't resist at half price.
It shipped the same day I ordered it, and it arrived on Wednesday. What fun. It was wrapped in paper, tied with a ribbon, and hanging from the ribbon was a little 'fabric pocket'. In the pocket was a teabag, a tiny envelope full of marigold seeds, and a business card stating "Wish we could join you for some tea!" thanking me for my order. Too cute. (Apparently somehow this fabric pocket is going to come into play for some other promotion coming up).
The fqs were packaged by the shop (and tied with a strip of fabric), but no matter, it's the Moda fabric. (And seroiusly, how many printed Moda tapes does one need). It was also short one fq (only 39), but while I sent the shop owner an email to let her know, I didn't ask her to send a replacement, as at $55.00 for 39 fat quarters and 2 panels of Moda fabric, I couldn't, in good conscience, ask for one (I already feel like I 'stole' the bundle with the deal I got).

They also included a cheery little one page newsletter, which was nice, and a 5% discount on my next order coupon printed out with my online receipt.

The shop has weekly specials, as well as a good selection of sale merchandise, and their prices are slightly less than our local shops charge for yardage.

I'll be eagerly anticipating their Friday 50% off sales each week. At those prices, I've graduated from jelly rolls and charm squares to fat quarter bundles. Though, I do feel like I need to purchase regular priced merchandise as well, to show my appreciation for the deep discounts they offer.

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