Friday, April 24, 2009

Indigo Blues

I got the blues......the Indigo blues!

Went to the guild show today and stumbled upon authentic South African Indigo. Oh-mi-God. Right up my alley. I was so taken that I really didn't care what it cost, I had to have it.

Bought 8 pieces which are 1/4 yards (18x18). They cost $4.50 each. I had a hard time picking out only 8, but I figured I'm volunteering at the show Saturday and Sunday so I can always pick up a few more.

But then......I decided to research this fabric and found the actual South African textile mill where it is made, and they sell it online for a fraction of what I paid at the show, so I placed an order for 1/2 meter pieces, which, pardon my metric abilities, I believe is going to be something like 18x36 inch pieces. It costs the same to ship as it does to buy, but it's still less than the show price.

I'm excited. I love it's history, I love the prints, I love the color, I love the way it feels after it has been washed (in a washer full of blue jeans). This fabric screams for something special to be made from it. I'm so loving my Timeless Treasures (imitation--but I still adore it) Indigo fat quarter purchase I blogged about last week, but this new authentic Indigo is now the star of the stash.

Look it over and tell me how you think I should use it.


  1. Gorgeous fabrics...I LOVE blue and white! This is the before pic...can't wait to see the after! :-) Would make a great Met Monday post! :-) Susan

  2. Blue and white is my thing. I love the way these fabrics look together.
    have fun-


  3. What a wonderful job tracking down the mill. Will you share the contact information? I paid $5 for a fat quarter at our show.


  4. Hi Gwendie

    I bought my Indigo from:

    The fabric I ordered arrived within a week. It's Three Cats indigo (whereas what I bought at the show was Three Leopards).

    While it's clearly been washed, it still smells like the dye and sizing and needs another wash.

    I'll post photos of the new fabric soon.

  5. LOVE the colors and patterns!


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