Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Goodbye Florida, It'll Be Good to Get Home

It's been a busy June.  Surprise birthday party the first weekend, followed by a long weekend in Ocean City for the Wine Festival the next, and then off to Florida for a little 3 day cruise to the Bahamas (that's Glynda, above…our bartender for the evening martini tasting, and some down time at the beach.

We had an afternoon in Nassau where we aimlessly wandered the 'shops' in town, bought nothing, and took no photos.  Now we're winding down the last couple of vacation days spent at my sister in law's beach house. We fly out this afternoon.

Normally I'm very sad to leave to go home and back to work, but it's freakin' crazy hot here. So hot I'm not even sitting on the deck with one final martini, whittling away at one of the numerous appliqué/sashiko projects I brought along.  There'll be plenty of time for that in the 2 airports and the 2 flights it takes to get home tonight.

Tomorrow morning it's back to work--lovely….and it's the one day a week I have to work from the office :-(.

I did manage to visit 3 quilt shops this trip, pick up a little fabric, tighten up some wrinkles, lose enough in the ship's casino to satisfy any urge to gamble for a while, and enjoy some time spent with family. (Oh, and did I mention that the hubs and I entertained the ship's passengers as contestants onstage in 'the married game?  That's a story for another post.)

Now for a couple of weeks at home to maybe play a little catch up on Dear Jane and my other BOMs, get a start on quilting the Kaffe scrap quilt that needs to be ready for the Fair in early August, and then I'm off to Portland, OR for business for a week. Guess I'l have to squeeze in some appliqué prep for the take-along projects I'll need to occupy myself in my hotel room for 5 nights.

Be home from Florida tonight around 10 p.m. Really looking forward to hugging the dogs!  Enjoy your Tuesday afternoon!


  1. The heat and humidity here is exactly why I really don't like summer. It's awful! Winter can't be beat though.

    I've seen the Married Game on a cruise before - can't wait to hear about your version!


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