Thursday, May 15, 2014

34 Blocks Down --- Another 335 Hours To Go

I have a couple of comp days to burn from my recent business trip, so I took the day off and decided to spend it working on Dear Jane.  13 hours later, I've got 8 paper pieced blocks to show for a day's work.

Here's how my day went....hope yours was a tad more productive than mine :)


  1. Love your block colors. What type of breyer is that and ai say a piece of template film, What is that used for? One more, your mat and rotary cutter, I need new ones, can yoy tell me what kind they are? I'm amember of the Jane Stickle group. Thanks

    1. Thank's Kathleen. It's a wallpaper seam roller from the hardware store I use for pressing seams when I'm paper piecing.

      The plastic template gives a nice crisp edge to fold the paper back on and a little stability for that add a quarter rule to grab on to. I learned this trick in a Deb Karasik workshop.

      The rotary cutter is Fons and Porter. I like it because the blade is retracted until you push down on it. If I had the 45mm retractable Olfa cutter, I'd be using that, but I've only got a 60mm which is overkill for these small blocks.

      The mat is a 12" square Olfa rotating mat. It's on a spinner so you can just turn it rather than the fabric when you're cutting.


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