Friday, March 21, 2014

How Did You Spend the FIrst Day of Spring?

I spent my day working on a CHRISTMAS quilt. Seriously, I figure if I work on it in March it's got a better chance of being ready come December. This was the very last small applique block. All that's left in the applique department is the large center medallion which I'll start on the next time I'm looking for handwork.

I was able to knock out 3 of the 4 remaining pieced blocks before dinner. It helped that I had cut out the basic squares and 'kitted' everything in Ziplocs months ago.

And here is the final pieced block. Done!

Before I stashed it all in a plastic bag to hibernate for a time, while I work on the center, I laid them out on the floor to get an idea of how well they will play together.
Not bad. Lots of red and green setting triangles and a border or two (and maybe some prairie points) and I really should be able to finish this up in time for Christmas 2014.

Don't you love it when a quilt comes together?

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