Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Floats Like a Butterfly

Still flitting from one project to the next to avoid finishing anything :)

I'm caught up now on the Aurifil Designer of the Month blocks (I'm making 2 each month in similar fabrics). The latest ones were the square in a square in a square in a square in a square. Knocked those out tonight, but I'm not really thrilled with my pattern choice. I thought about color, and I thought about light and dark, but I just didn't take pattern into consideration. I'm not certain that I have enough fabric to start over, so they're going to have to stay the way they are. I'm blaming my lack of concentration on a bad afternoon at work Tuesday-something (someone) upset me and I wasn't able to completely shake it off before taking rotary cutter in hand last night. Live and learn. New mantra....What happens at work, stays at work!

Apparently my 'lucky little elephant' wasn't pulling his weight in the studio last night or he'd have noticed my not-so-great pattern choices and stopped me from cutting the wrong fabrics. (Keep it up elephant! You can be replaced with a troll doll, my friend.)

At least it's Wednesday and the weekend is only 3 days away. Keep calm and stitch on.

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