Saturday, March 2, 2013

The 3-day Needlebook

I've had a hankerin' to make a pretty little needle book for quite a while now. So a couple of days ago I rummaged through my wool drawer, grabbed some Aurifil 12 wt. cotton thread (Love!), and started on my needlebook.

A little applique, some blanket stitching, a few beads here and there and some well-placed rick, and.....


I knew that I wanted to embellish each page, which took me all day to figure out and find things I could use for this without making a trip to the fabric shop. In hindsight, those pages would have been just fine sans ribbons and buttons.

At any rate, I finished it up just around 7:30. I'm happy with it, and I'll enjoy using it tomorrow in my Karen Kay Buckley workshop--which I am totally packed up and ready for--counting the hours.
I did stop to enjoy a celebratory dirty martini as I contemplated the huge mess I made while working on this small project.
I think I'm going to need another.


  1. The needle book is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to hearing about your class tomorrow.

  2. That is so pretty, I love it. Hope you enjoy your class too.

  3. Love your needle book, it certainly does look like a lot of work has gone into it.


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