Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scattered in the Studio

Still having serious trouble staying on a single track. If I would just put my nose to that darn grindstone I'd be finished with Vintage Rouge by the weekend . It's just so much more fun to dial in my 'kid in a candy store' inner self and go for the instant gratification. Like making 'Perfect Circles' (at 2 a.m., no less) for the Piece O'Cake Aunt  Millie's Patio Garden we freed from Back of the Closet the other day.

What fun is a Wednesday afternoon spent in the dentist's chair for your second root canal in 3 days if it's not followed by a trip to the quilt shop? Okay, so I did have all my fabrics chosen/obsessed over for my Karen Kay Buckley workshop on Sunday, but for some reason, while spending 3 hours with my mouth chocked open I had this vision of this quilt block representing Hawaii....Hawaiian Ginger to be more specific. So instead of a nice cool study in shades of blue, I now had an itch to switch to bright lime greens and hot oranges/pinks. And while a bit spendy for a single quilt block, I figure I can use the leftovers in the wonky Christmas Tree project which is still incarcerated in Back of the Closet.

We all know how fickle I can be, so I didn't actually put the blues away. I tucked them into a separate basket, matched them up with the appropriate silk threads, and I'll tote that to class with me.......just in case (when) I change my mind. Must-be-prepared (I think I was a Boy Scout in a former life).
If you were taking this workshop, which set of fabrics would you choose? Here's a link to Karen's site and a photo of the block:

While attending to the prisoners in Back of Closet, I stopped to say hi to the Front of Closet gang and found this little project. Hmmm.....don't we now have a black dog?  (Heck, we've even got a ridden one time Schwinn ladies bike in the basement--a long ago birthday present--perfect!)  Can I not adjust that little dog's tail and ears to look more like Tucker's? Sure I can (and I can paint that Schwinn red too ). This project has now moved to the 'Good Intentions' pile.
\Tucker seems excited that we're going to represent him in a quilt, don't you think? Actually, he's not a happy boy today. I let him out on his lead last night and he took off after something in the yard (fox, deer, coyote) and just snapped his little puppy (cat) collar right off his neck--broke the clip. He was pretty proud of himself, in fact, so proud of himself that he actually didn't leave the yard, he simply strutted around, just outside the limits of the lead he had been connected to. Today he's got a new big boy collar on, and, well, think about wearing an underwire push-up bra as opposed to wearing a well-worn sports bra. No, he is not a happy puppy today.

Okay, so I know you want to know how I can possibly leave Vintage Rouge unfinished for these past few weeks.

See all those safety pins?

Maybe I'll put it back under the needle tonight...oh wait, Project Runway is on -- don't want to be distracted.

I'm thinking about the Aurifil Designer's BOM again this year. It's not embroidery, it's piecing--and from the block pictured, some of it is darn 'busy'. I've got this lovey coordinated collection of In The Beginning William Morris-y fabrics I could use, but I'm just a tad wary about cutting into them for something that's basically a 'Mystery Quilt'. Each designer does their own thing, and it doesn't always result in a cohesive collection of blocks in the end. I think this one is going to have to wait for a few more blocks to be revealed before I decide whether or not I want to burn an $80 fabric collection on it. What would you do?

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  1. After a couple of mysteries where I was disappointed in my fabric choices at the end, I have decided that I can make the quilts after the mystery is solved. So, I support you goal to wait. Poor Tucker. Growing up is heavy. Soon, he won't have an excuse for chewing up shoes anymore. Guess he better start soon. Be well. Lane


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