Sunday, March 31, 2013

Challenge Met!

I've spent most of the weekend marathon watching Downton Abbey. As I type, I've got a few more minutes of Season 3, Episode to go. (BTW, I love it!). But I've got to say, someone made a comment in my FB page about how sad the ending of this season is, so now I cringe at every little possible chance for someone to die ... hit in the head with a cricket ball... James hanging himself....Thomas killing Mr. Bates....Alfred killing Thomas...although with Sybil's death, I don't know how much sadder it can get..oh wait...we can kill off Matthew...yep, that's probably it---CRINGE!

Anyway....enough of the Downton obsession..

The challenge piece is done. My favorite part is two-tone border/binding.

There's some bead trim.

And some couching.

And some metallic thread.

Which didn't yield the most consistent quilting.
But it's done, just needs a label.
Enjoy your week!

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