Friday, February 1, 2013

(Expletive Deleted)

I've been's because I've been quilting. And while I did finish (finally) all the blocks that needed grids quilted, I decided to have a little more fun tonight while I was watching Project Runway and start to quilt some of the applique borders, rather than the multi-pieced blocks. Well, here's what you get when you don't pay attention to what's happening on the back of your quilt.

Had I stopped every so often to look at the back, or flipped the quilt to bury the threads on the backside instead of just burying the threads as I went on the front, I would have seen that my backing wasn't lying flat and that I was quilting creases into it.

And had I been quilting longer than I have been, and been a woman with far less patience than I can muster when need be, I'd have just kept calm and carried on and covered that mishap with the quilt label.

No, not me. My inner OCD demons preferred that I spend an hour and a half removing thousands of tiny stitches from half of that border to assure that I can repin it nice and flat and smooth and try, try again..

So now you know what I'll be doing tomorrow night.

On a brighter note, a couple of weeks ago, the hubs brought me home a little pot of forced daffodils from Trader Joe's. It was in full bloom the other day, and the interesting thing was that one stem had 3 blooms on it. I've got to say, a quirky mutant daffodil fits right in here at the Quixotic Crafter Quilt Studio. It's just about finished blooming (one flower left to open). If you see the hubs, you might want to mention that to him .
Hopefully I'll get that stitching replaced tomorrow and make some more progress. It would be great to finish up Vintage Rouge this weekend. It would be nice to hand sew that binding while watching the commercials during the Super Bowl on Sunday (GO RAVENS!).
Who are you rooting for?

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