Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miss Sassypants Vents

It started when I opened my email this morning to see an announcement about a Halloween Mystery Quilt from a big quilt shop far away. I just finished my first mystery quilt, and it was fun, so I thought, let's check this out.

So I went to their website to find that the mystery quilt is part of an event they are throwing on Halloween. You can come in and work on the mystery quilt (clues given throughout the day). Halloween themed kits for this quilt will be available shortly ($$$). Okay, I can understand they want you to pay for the pattern, not a big deal, to be expected. But there's no mention of fabric requirements, so that you can bring in fabric from your stash, which makes me think you're expected to buy the kit or the fabric from them, on the day of the event ($$$).

Wear a costume for a chance to win a prize...a cauldron of quilting goodies. Sweet! Who doesn't love a drawing. Mentions that there will be fun and games throughout the day (no mention of prizes for these...just fun activities). And, there's a pot luck lunch, everyone brings a dish. Cool!

All for the mere cost of $25 participation fee.

Whoa! Back it up! You can work on a mystery quilt, but you'll likely have to buy their kit. You can have a free lunch, but you have to bring your own food. So, what is that $25 for? Could they be expecting you (their loyal customer who probably drops a bundle in this place throughout the year), to pay them to entertain you, and to obviously cover the cost of the gift basket they filled and are raffling off (which at $25 per person ought be one sweet $500 gift basket)?

Obviously this shop is on a mission to prove that 'there is no such thing as a free lunch'.

This is strikingly similar to the 'pick your own' berry farm--where we go and pay 2 times per pound more than what they sold those same berries to the grocery store for yersterday, after they also paid someone to pick them. (Okay, I get it, it's not supposed to be're paying for the experience of seeing why Cesar Chavez' birthday is a holiday in some states. Just making a point.)

I just think that if you're going to charge your customers $25 to participate in a fun-filled day that you've arranged for them, then don't tell them to bring a dish. Sheesh! At least spend a little of their money to have it catered.


  1. Someone has to pay their electric bill? Water? Rent/store maintenance? Makes one wonder.

    The good news is quilters tend to be fantastic cooks and, being generous people, those in attendance will feed each other well!

  2. I think like you do. I wouldn't be able to participate in something like this and hope that they made a mistake somewhere along the line.

  3. So, will you be going then?

    I totally agree with you, it seems a bit steep to charge you for going and then expect you to be constantly opening your purse (wallet in the US?. It does sound like it could be a good fun day though.

  4. Umm, you weren't supposed to figure that out.


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