Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

Alrighty then, one last finish for September squeezed in under the wire. It's the Aurifil Designers block for (prepare yourself) July--with added design elements (sun and waves). I think this one took so long because while I was finishing it up the August block came out, and I really do not like the August block, so it just put me off the project. Not sure what I'm going to do about August, either suck it up and make it work (channeling Tim Gunn) or skip to September and revisit or redesign the block in the end.

I pretty much finished up Fall decorating. This is my mantle. It needs one more thing...a candlestick lamp which will be placed where the banner on the right is and the banner will then move to the left to either replace or join the clock.

Love the crow. Wondering how long it will take Tucker to figure out it's up there, bring the ladder up from the basement and turn him into lunch. (It probably didn't help that when I brought it home from Michaels I played 'let's peck at Tucker' with it. Tucker is now crated whenever we leave the house, even if it's only to walk down to the mailbox .)

After looking at the mantle for a few days I decided it needed some sort of floral thing. Not a fan of flowers (unless they are fresh and in a vase), I picked up just a couple stems and tucked them in with the leaves.

I'm happy with the colors. Now if only I could do that well coordinating fabric colors on my quilts.

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