Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello, It's Me (Again)

Been lazy (it's those dog days of summer), been busy (Labor Day dinner for 20), and now I'm ready to hunker down and stitch.

These would be the 4 blocks (2 of each) for Vintage Rouge. Rather than embroider 'Love', 'Hope', 'Peace', and 'Joy' in the center of them, I futzed around with some free-form applique. This way I'm not limiting this to being a 'Christmas' quilt. Next installment in this quilt begins on Saturday. There's a lot of applique on the borders, so I'll be busy.

On Sunday I'll be in a workshop with Rita Hutchens of 'Totally Tubular' fame. Should be interesting. We don't really make 'something', we learn a technique, but I suppose I'll have to work it into something. (Looks like Suz Zwizzle, Art Quilter will be paying a visit.)

spiral quilt
I just need to decide which set of fabrics I'm using and get my homework cut out. Which colors would you choose?


  1. Gorgeous applique.. I think I would choose the oranges since we're heading into fall. Gorgeous fabrics, both sets. xo

  2. Since you're not actually making anything -yet - I'd be tempted to take both pairs and have a play. It looks like it's going to be fun.

  3. Difficult choice, I like them both, and think either would be wonderful in the design. Love the two blocks too!!

  4. Love the purple and gold pair. Enjoy the class. New techniques are fun. Lane


I appreciate and look forward to your comments. Thanks for reading. Happy quilting!