Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Surprises -- No Quilting Today

The hugs did good....and he created a monster. Yep, that's a Pandora bracelet and charm. Actually, it's a pretty smart move on his part. Birthday....charm.  Mothers Day...charm. Christmas...charm. He's set for years. Who knows, he may have bought enough charms to get him through a few years and hidden them in his sock drawer (I should look).

He also brought home a bunch of flowers, which are currently looking happy in the nice, clean kitchen.

Normally, after dinner, I come up to the studio and hang out. Tonight, I hung out with the hubs catching up on DVRd Revenge episodes. When I did come up I found this on my sewing table.

Aww. He took this cute little pottery frog vase we got at a craft show in Florida last month and did a little arrangement and left it in front of the sewing machine, where I couldn't miss it. Too sweet.

Guess my festive nail polish job from yesterday put him in a romantic gifty mood. 

No time to sew, and anyway, I'm still blocked on the Bloomin' Challenge piece and think it wouldn't be a great idea to start on something else as I may never get back to the Challenge (no wonder they call this a challenge). I've set a goal to come up with a concept and to complete it on Monday (work holiday--woo hoo).

So on this wintry February night I'll leave you with what's 'bloomin' ' in my studio (sheesh! you'd think I wouldn't have a problem with a 'Bloomin' Challenge').

Poinsettia won as an office door prize back in mid-December. Two months and it's still full of blooms. There's something to be said about poinsettias from a garden center greenhouse.

More garden center plants. The cyclamen have been in bloom since I bought them the first week of December. The Christmas cactus was a purchase last year, and it did bloom this year...for Christmas (seriously!)

I added a couple stems from the flowers downstairs. I love this vase and am looking forward to using it with flowers from the garden this summer. It's just a flat pottery disc that has a hole that's the diameter of a half dollar, and in that is a small frog (pins) in which to stand the stems. It probably holds a quarter cup of water. Very Zen.

Tomorrow night we'll do something quilty. It's hard to not be creative with all these cheerful blooms watching.

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Love the necklace and flowers~ how sweet to put one in your studio too. :-) Love the cyclamen! I used to have one but gave it away when we moved. I think I need to find some pretty plants. :-)

  2. What a sweetie Dwight is. What did you give him? Quilting/Dinner plans for the weekend?



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